If you have been working on your Mindset, 

& you are not experiencing results...

...this will help you.

Money Mindset Program with Faster EFT 

Money Mindset Program... $1,100

If you know you are here to create a thriving business with your gifts to help others, however you are struggling with confidence & cash-flow, book into my Money Mindset Program.

6 x 90min sessions to be used over 8 weeks. 
If you know you are ready to see different outcomes for you and your business, then let's talk.
"I was blown away by my Mindset Mastery session with Tina... I've used tapping myself to help shift my emotional state, it's helped - but I have been struggling with the same money issues for such a long time... so I thought it was time to get in an expert.
The experience has been profound.
Since our first session, I have been implementing the strategy we put together, and I've had new client enquries coming in from what feels like nowhere! I can really feel a shift, & a new level of confidence within me.
I have worked with many mindset coaches over the years and I was extreamly impressed and at ease with Tina's approach. I was able to let go of my mind so quickly & put my full trust in Tina to let her weave her magic."
Melanie Midegs
Business Mentor & Marketing Specialist

Common Mindset Blocks We Can Focus On


6omin $97*

Empower Your Affirmations

(Single Session)

Yay! It's 2019. And I keep hearing that it's going to energetically be a powerful year. That means that it's prime time for manifesting!
Many business women have done their planning for the new year, including setting intentions, choosing their 'theme word' for the year and writing a list of affirmations. It's all about manifesting new clients, increasing income and being of service - all the good stuff.

But cast your mind back over 2018. Does it feel like the affirmations you set one year ago just haven't worked? Actually, there can be a number of reasons for this:

1. You didn't have the right
    affirmation to begin with
2. You had outgrown that affirmation
3. You became numb to your
4. There was an inner conflict around
    believing your affirmation

Don't be discouraged, though!

With a few tweaks, you can get your affirmations really working for you. Affirmations are one of the most popular manifesting techniques today. When you're looking for consistency and speed in your daily manifesting rituals, affirmations are a core part of the process.

*limited time offer

 90mins $150

Money Mindset Mastery

Faster EFT

(Single Session)

Perfect session to keep your Mindset Mastery work in top gear. Once you have cleared all of the initial layers of sub-conscious beliefs, there may be times when you need a top up.
For example in the lead up to a promotional period, hosting workshops or speaking at events.
In times of stepping out of your comfort zone, these are the times you'll be experiencing the shifts from your mindset work. 

 6 Sessions $1,100

Money Mindset Mastery

Faster EFT


If you are tired of experiencing the same scenarios in your life & business time & time again, more than likely the negative sub-conscious stories you're telling yourself have taken control.  
This package will start you on your course correction. At the beginning of the package we will define exactly what it is that you would like to work on changing.
6 x 90min sessions are to be used within a 2 month period. I prefer to have a 20min discussion first to make sure this is the right package for you for the results you desire.

The stories of your mind play such a big part of your reality.

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