The Ultimate Private 3 Day Retreat
for Practitioners & Coaches

a private holistic retreat assisting you to conquer
the blocks that are holding you & your business back.
You & Me Working Together Side By Side for 3 Days
Introductory Offer $1,497*
(*accommodation, travel & meals outside
of our retreat days not included)
Option 1: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Option 2: Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Option 3: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Over 3 days enjoy personal attention from me onsite at my Rejuvenation Sanctuary 90mins drive from Melbourne, as we allow you to unwind with a range of bodywork that will ignite your senses. 
Be guided through processes to re-connect to your inner landscape (emotions), & experience Faster EFT Sessions to start shifting your personal story around:
- Money
- Confidence
- Self-Worth
There are times when you need to step away from your business to keep moving forward. Pack your bags... you're heading to the country to nurture & focus on your mindset, self care & provide yourself with a fresh start.
One thing IS for sure ~ you want your business to succeed.
You have come this far, so you know you can do it. There is also a part of you that knows that it doesn't have to be hard, and that your mind that has been playing some tricks on you. 
I have plenty of tools in my toolkit, so let's have a 20min chat to make sure we align. Then I can also understand how to create the right experience for what you need most right now.
Looking forward to speaking with you,
Tina xo

3 Day Private Retreat
Focusing On You 

After working as a Practitioner in a clinic myself, I understand the stress you can experience from your work. It can manifest in all sorts of ways in the mind & body. This alongside the 'lack mentality' that can breed and thrive in practitioner & coaching communities truly is a recipe for holding yourself back.

You will know if you are called to do this work with me for 3 days. Your body may feel a sense of relief at the thought of having dedicated time to focus on yourself & step away from it all for a few days. Or perhaps you feel some resistance in your body - which is a tell tale sign that you are ready to shift your mindset.
Each day you will receive (in no particular order, we work with what's feeling right for you)

- 60min mentoring session
- 60-90min body rejuvenation session
- 90min-2hour Faster EFT session
- Guidance & relaxation activities to support you
- Lunch & snacks provided

Accommodation & Meals

My Rejuvenation Sanctuary is located in Wallan, only 10-15mis walk from local B&B's & hotels. I can share with the options and my recommendations with you on our phone call. 
You'll receive home made lunch & snacks each day during our retreat, however breakfast & dinner is not in included.

Day 1: Rejuvenate

Arrive at my Sanctuary at 10am. I will take you around the grounds ands show you where we'll be having our different sessions.

Today is a lighter day as we help you to relax and unwind.
To begin we will sit down for our first mentoring session, and depending on the circumstance you will be given a short activity to complete. This will help us to identify the blocks to focus on over the 3 days.

Then it will be time for your first rejuvenation session of your choice. I highly recommend the aromatherapy or massage treatments to begin with, as these will help you to really unwind.
Later in the afternoon we will have our first Faster EFT session. Depending on your body these can go for any where between 90mins to 2 hours.

Day 2: Reset

A slightly earlier start today at 9am. Today is where we can start making some big shifts with your mindset.
To begin we'll have our second mentoring session, to recap on day one and to see if anything came up for you. Then we'll commence with our second Faster EFT session. 

After lunch you will then have some opportunity for another Rejuvenation session and free time, before we finish off the day with another activity to help support you and the shifts you are making with your mindset.

Day 3: Recharged

Our last day! Arrive at my Sanctuary at 9am. 
Today is our last opportunity to use EFT Tapping to go even deeper into your mind to see if there are any deeply hidden blocks, now that you are relaxed and have been peeling back the layers.
Our mentoring session will be focused on making sure you feel confident with the new habits & techniques to use to keep you mind operating at it's peak performance.
Once we have all the mind work out of the way, and enjoyed some lunch - it's time for your last rejuvenation session before heading home.
I will contact you a week after to check-in and see how you are going and to see what differences you've noticed since our time together.

Welcome to
country Victoria


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