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How To Deactivate Money Triggers

July 22, 2017

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10 Years I Was Trapped In My Home

July 22, 2017




Since I was a young girl I loved being on stage and being the director of plays with my friends. I loved the freedom that dressing up and playing different characters provided for me. My inner explorer and alchemist was definitely alive and kicking from a young age!


It was an opportunity to step into someone else’s world, take on their persona and tell stories of their life experience. Looking back, I can see why I’ve been drawn to working with my clients in the way that I do, because I love understanding their inner world to help them create a new positive story to live by.







As a teenager, I was totally consumed and intrigued by the world of punk. Yes! You wouldn’t know it, but I was the only punk at my Catholic Girl’s school.


I loved my huge vertical green Mohawk, fishnet stocking and tartan skirts. Even more than that, I loved learning about the punk rock scene in London and would daydream about it constantly while read anything about the culture that I could get my hands on.


The only thing was, that I had no one else to share this experience with. No one else loved Punk as much as I did, so I would spend a lot of time on my own or with friends outside of school ~ but even then, those punks weren’t really my people either.


I will never forget the day when our school had a special annual meeting, where parents were invited. I was running late (probably because I was fixing my green Mohawk), looking at the time I started running down the hall, swung open the door and a sea of heads turned my way… including the nun’s in the front row.

The hall was quiet.

For a moment I thought ‘whoops!’, but I didn’t really care too much. Especially when I saw the familiar smile of one of my favourite Nun’s who gestured to me to come sit down.







Everyone kept telling me how much I’d love university, how I would find my tribe and life would become happier for me. I’d be in my element of being able to immerse myself in Ancient Greek History, Latin & English Literature ~ which I had come to love and adore.


But they were wrong…


As much as I tried, I couldn’t connect with the other people in my year. They seemed so consumed with cars, partying and drinking. I was so lonely, and I felt myself once more standing by myself in my experience of life.


My continuing experience of isolation & inability to connect triggered panic attacks. At first they were manageable, but quickly they escalated. The panic attacks would come out of the blue, and I was so embarrassed when they happened in public. This resulted in me skipping classes and then dropping out of university entirely… and eventually not even being able to leave my home.





Life contracted…

Smaller and smaller…


Persistent nightmares…

Compulsive hand washing…

Totally convinced I would have a heart attack…


No trips to the shops…

No going outside…

A life inside my home…


“If I stay very still, I might be ok…” I would tell myself.








I knew things had to change… & in my despair I asked the universe to help me.

Buddhist Meditation tapes turned up in my world, and would listen to the teachings everyday. Then the book ‘Homecoming’ by John Bradshaw dropped into my hands, and then I read in the local paper that a 8 Week Inner Child Workshop based on his teachings was being at a Healing Centre on my street… and further away and there is no way I would have gone.


Slowly but surely things began to shift.






More time outside…

Expansion and colour…


Waking refreshed…

Distracted by happiness…

A skip starting appearing in my step…


Trips outside with ease…

Eating again even when I was alone…

Ordering a my favourite hot chocolate for myself!…


“I am safe. I am safe & and I’m always looked after…” I would tell myself.








Since then the world has been my oyster and I’ve never looked back. I travelled to England and Vietnam and the experience did wonders for revitalising my senses! I felt alive again.


I then discovered Faster EFT Tapping and never have I experience such a powerful tool to help shift my story.


Life is wonderful, life is amazing and I’m excited to see what comes next.









Hi, I'm Tina your Sensory Alchemist.


I love to deep dive into the Neuron Network of your mind to understand your story, because it's absolutely changeable and you are the keeper of your reality.


And as for your senses, these are how you experience and enjoy life. Your senses ignite your emotions, which in turn electrify your mind... and this is where the alchemy comes in.


You'll often find me enjoying country life, but I do have a strong connection with Vietnam and I enjoy spending time there too. 


If you know you mindset is holding you back, and your regular techniques are changing the situation, I can support you to make the shift. Money blocks, Self-Worth & Confidence to be you are what holds so many practitioners to thrive with their work, rather than survive.

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