How To Deactivate Money Triggers

It’s happened again, as determined as you are to do everything right and become the successful business woman that you want to be, once again you have tripped below the financial red line. You’ve face planted into the red again full of frustration, anxiety and worry.

“Whhhyy does this keep happening?” You keep asking yourself.

You’re a good person, you are helping people,

you have a heart of gold… why can’t you get ahead?!

For all the information there is online about overcoming your money blocks, truth be known, it’s a very personalised journey. No body in the world holds the same story as you, has experienced life like you, or knows your sub-conscious as well as you do - and even that can be complex.


  • Repeatedly giving discounted sessions

  • Over delivering on services (feeling like you must add more value)

  • Losing your voice when someone asks you your prices

  • Procrastinating over raising your price]

Your money blocks may also be effecting your personal budget too. You may find yourself:

  • Overspending

  • Losing track of your budget

  • Choosing to put your head in the sand, rather than work it out


It’s easy to feel down about yourself and to tie your self-esteem into how you are handling your money. It can feel like a vicious whirlpool, spinning you further and further into overwhelm and self-loathing.

Your money behaviour lies in the roots of your unconscious mind.. and the good news is that the unconscious leaves clues.

Here is how you can be your own sleuth, to identify the right clues AT THE RIGH TIME. It’s then you can deactivate your money triggers and see new results in your financial situation.


#1 Emotional Awareness We all have our own emotional patterns. The key is to become aware of what emotions we feel when we’re dealing with certain money issues, and which feelings show up when. For instance, if you want to buy something that you haven’t budgeted for, you may rush unconsciously through the process and only become aware of your feelings when you get the item home and feel the onset of shame. If this situation is repetitive in your life, you have the opportunity to map it out through gentle observation. What if you discover that in the period before whipping out your credit card, you actually have pangs of doubt and hear a voice in your head saying ‘what about the budget?’ If you see a pattern that shows you always regret your purchases after this initial doubt, then next time you have the opportunity to make a different decision.

#2 Thoughts & Self-Talk Our self-talk and thoughts are the voices you hear in your head. No, you are not crazy! But the more you get to know them, the more you will become aware of the difference between your voice and your sub-conscious voice.

The key here is to map out the various voices and what they’re saying.

It’s important to identify whether a particular voice is supportive or unsupportive, because you don’t need to believe everything that you hear in your mind. A lot of what’s going on inside your head are just old tapes running in the background, that is until something triggers that voice to get louder and influence your decision making.

#3 Decisions Notice the decisions that you regularly make that keep you in your current undesirable experience around money. Map out the micro-decisions that are being made before that. They may be decisions you make about relationship, about your self-worth and deservingness, or about how you treat small amounts of money. At all times you are making decisions that lead you to a bigger outcome.

#4 Behaviours Begin to take note and observe your behaviours and the actions. Another opportunity for you to understand what behaviours bring an unwanted result or consequence to your situation… and note here – it’s probably not the first step in the sequence of events. Observe what you’re doing before you take the action. There may be a series of mini-actions that come first. Finding the starting point of the cascade allows you the chance to change your direction before you are too committed.

As you can see, you can begin to unwind the pressure by simply figuring out your sequence of events that surround your: Emotions

Self-Talk & Thoughts


Decision Making

Once you figure out WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, and put the focus on HOW you know that the problem is there in the first place. You will notice the right trigger AT THE RIGHT TIME that will provide you with a space to make a new decision, take new action, and to find creative solution.

If you continue to do the same thing,

you’ll get the same outcome.

Change just one part of that pattern and you will start to experience different results.


Hi, I'm Tina your Sensory Alchemist.

I love to deep dive into the Neuron Network of your mind to understand your story, because it's absolutely changeable and you are the keeper of your reality.

And as for your senses, these are how you experience and enjoy life. Your senses ignite your emotions, which in turn electrify your mind... and this is where the alchemy comes in.

You'll often find me enjoying country life, but I do have a strong connection with Vietnam and I enjoy spending time there too.

If you know you mindset is holding you back, and your regular techniques are changing the situation, I can support you to make the shift. Money blocks, Self-Worth & Confidence to be you are what holds so many practitioners to thrive with their work, rather than survive.

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