Make Sales Conversation Nerves A Thing Of The Past

You're in a bit of a panic. You didn't sleep well last night, business is going great but it's also feeling chaotic. There is so much to think about and you are going through the motions but not necessarily feeling present... and you have a call with a potential new client in an hour.

What do you do?...

a) Get yourself into a panicked state trying to remember some crazy sales formula

b) Drink a couple of cups of coffee thinking this will switch you on

c) Have a quick sleep, and hope you wake up refreshed rather than feeling worse

d) Use Faster EFT tapping to shift your state within 10mins

Prepare yourself & get centered with Faster EFT

Knowing that you are about to have a conversation with a potential new client, particularly when you first start out can be nerve-wracking. However, take the opportunity to be aware of your emotional state so you know what you need to work on.

By being aware of the emotions that come up for you, and how to shift them so you are in a clear, positive state of mind and ready to be present for your potential clients - you will be preparing yourself in the best way possible for the conversation.

Tap With Me Here is a short Faster EFT Tapping video to help you shift that feeling...

Faster EFT Tapping has been proven to shift emotions quickly and effectively so you can take action on your to-do list. Feeling a lack of confidence, fuzzy headed or distracted are all signs that you may be in overwhelm or anxiety about a situation.

Do this exercise in the morning of your sales conversation, and repeat during the day before the call each time you feel yourself dipping into a nervous or anxious state around it.

Faster EFT Tapping with Tina Koch: Confident Sales Conversation

How did you feel after watching this video? I'd love to hear from you!

Feel free to write a comment below and share with me your outcomes. If it made you shift the feeling make sure you forward it onto a friend who may also need some support when it comes to attracting new clients to their work.


Hi, I'm Tina your Sensory Alchemist.

I love to deep dive into the Neural Network of your mind to understand your story, because it's absolutely changeable and you are the keeper of your reality.

And as for your senses, these are how you experience and enjoy life. Your senses ignite your emotions, which in turn electrify your mind... and this is where the alchemy comes in.

You'll often find me enjoying country life, but I do have a strong connection with Vietnam and I enjoy spending time there too.

If you know you mindset is holding you back, and your regular techniques aren't changing the situation, I can support you to make the shift around Money blocks, Self-Worth & Confidence - so that you can thrive, rather than just survive.

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