Amplify Your Self-Worth To Attract New Clients

If you experience that nervous, butterfly and sometimes sick feeling when you work with your clients - this one is for you. When I first started working in the healing industry as a massage therapist, I used feel so intimidated by my clients and question if they really enjoyed their session... even if they told me they did.

While I'd be in the massage session, in my head I would be saying things like "This is terrible! I bet you they think this is the worst massage they've ever had..." Of course, afterward they would tell me it was amazing, and I would be happy but still question if they were really telling the truth.

This way of thinking is SO detrimental to the wellbeing of your business. Your feeling of self-worth has a vibration, and even if your clients are happy with your service, on a deeper level they will be picking up on your self-doubt.

It may be the thing that stops them from telling their friends about you. Not to say that's the case - but what if your thoughts and feelings of self-worth was the difference?

Strengthen your sense of self-worth quickly with Faster EFT

In this short video I also explain a very quick and simple activity to do, to help you cultivate a strong feeling of self worth:

1. Get a pen & paper

2. Write down all the qualities you bring to your client sessions

3. Pin those qualities to the wall somewhere that you can see it every day

4. Use the tapping sequence to solidify this in your mind, body & spirit.

Tap With Me Here is a short Faster EFT Tapping video to help you shift that feeling...

Faster EFT Tapping has been proven to shift emotions quickly and effectively so you can take action on your to-do list. Feeling low self-worth can hold back your business success on so many levels, especially when it comes to attracting new clients to your work.

Do this exercise each morning you go to work on your business, and before a client session if needs be. Tap in your true qualities and start filling your calendar with amazing new clients.

Faster EFT Tapping with Tina Koch: Amplify Your Self-Worth To Attract New Clients

How did you feel after watching this video? I'd love to hear from you!

Feel free to write a comment below and share with me your outcomes. If it made you shift the feeling make sure you forward it onto a friend who may also need some support when it comes to attracting new clients to their work.


Hi, I'm Tina your Sensory Alchemist.

I love to deep dive into the Neural Network of your mind to understand your story, because it's absolutely changeable and you are the keeper of your reality.

And as for your senses, these are how you experience and enjoy life. Your senses ignite your emotions, which in turn electrify your mind... and this is where the alchemy comes in.

You'll often find me enjoying country life, but I do have a strong connection with Vietnam and I enjoy spending time there too.

If you know you mindset is holding you back, and your regular techniques aren't changing the situation, I can support you to make the shift around Money blocks, Self-Worth & Confidence - so that you can thrive, rather than just survive.

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